Ever heard anyone talk about having confidence? Has anyone told you you’re a “confident person”? What does confidence mean to you?

Confidence can look different for everyone.

For some people confidence might look like performing on stage in front of an entire school, or feeling able to wear what you like with pride on non-uniform day.

Others might see confidence as knowing you’re good at something, or having a likeable personality.

Maybe you’re not sure what confidence means to you. Or, you’ve never had a chance to speak it through with someone else.

If either of these are true for you, we’ve got you covered.

In this post we’ll share five websites that can give you a better understanding of what confidence is, and provide you with helpful tips on how to become a more confident person.

Let’s have a look:

1. Childline

The first site is Childline. Their Building Confidence and Self-Esteem page offers tips on how to grow your confidence in small, bite-sized steps. It helpfully points out that confidence building can take time, and suggests ways to give yourself little lifts.

The little lifts they suggest are great!

One of my favourites is listening to music. Playing my favourite songs is a sure fire way to lift my mood on a gloomy day when I’m not feeling my best self.

2. Mind

Mind’s Confidence and Self Esteem for Young People page gives examples of what can knock your confidence and when it might become a problem.

It also explains what low confidence might look like, and suggests steps you can take to improve how you feel about yourself.

One of their suggestions is to avoid putting too much pressure on yourself when starting to work on things.

They also give a helpful list of websites where you can go to get more help if you’d like to. A bit like what we’re doing right now in this post!

3. CBBC Quizzes

Do you enjoy quizzes? If you do, the CBBC website has lots for you to choose from.

Many of the quizzes are for light-hearted fun, but there are also some aimed at helping you to learn a little bit more about yourself.

Going by my results on the Do you need a digital detox? quiz, I need a digital detox. Apparently, I’m spending too much time on my phone when I’m at home!

So now, maybe I’ll do the Out and About Activity Generator and plan a day out to help me reduce my screen time.

Why not have a go and see what you can learn about yourself? Happy quizzing!

4. Barclays LifeSkills

If you’re not very confident in your own skills and abilities, thinking about the future can feel scary.

The Barclays’ LifeSkills site helps you to assess skills and explore personality traits, which can be helpful when starting to prepare for your future.

For help with exploring your strengths and feeling more confident, try spinning Barclays’ Wheel of Strengths to see what you might discover about yourself.

5. The Princes Trust

In partnership with Young Gloucestershire, the Princes Trust runs a 12-week personal development programme, called “Team”.

Aimed at 16-25 year olds, it is designed to help boost your confidence and self-esteem.

So, if you live in Gloucestershire and joining in with other like-minded young people is up your street, visit the website and see where it takes you.


When children and young people experience crime, one of the biggest impacts can be a loss of confidence.

Knowing this, we’ve shared five websites, which can help you to think about how to feel good about yourself.

We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment to let us know which sites were most useful, or if you’ve found something out about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Written by Kate

. . .

If you or your child has been affected by crime then you can contact us via our live chat facility or call our Gloucestershire team on TN 0808 281 2446 (9am-8pm, Mon to Fri) for free and confidential advice.