Do you need help after crime?

We help young people in the Gloucestershire area get the support they need after they’ve experienced crime. Our services are free, independent and confidential.

Domestic abuse and unhealthy relationships

If you think you are experiencing domestic abuse, STREET can help you.

Crime info

Nearly everyone will be affected by crime at some point in their lives and there are many types of crime.

Coping with crime

If you’ve been a victim of a crime, or you’ve been affected by a crime that has happened to a friend or member of your family, it can feel that there’s more to cope with.

Getting support

There are lots of ways you can cope with the effects of crime and we’ll help you work through the many options available to you.

Meet the team

Find out who we are and how we can help you move on after crime. Our services are tailored to the help you need.

Talk to us

You can chat to one of our trained supporters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Live chat is provided by Victim Support. Engagement with Victim Support via this facility will be a direct communication with Victim Support and your data will not be held by anyone else. Any data provided will be processed by Victim Support in accordance with Victim Support’s Fair Processing Notice.