Safe Teenage Relationship Education & Empowerment Team

STREET provides free and confidential support to anyone in Gloucestershire aged 13-19 affected by domestic or teenage relationship abuse or are displaying harmful behaviours in their relationships.

STREET are here to listen, help you stay safe and have healthy, respectful relationships.

“I thought it was [my fault] but now I know it was not…”

“Thank you, I feel safe again”

“I was so angry all the time, but now I know how to manage how I feel”

What is Domestic Abuse?

(Also known as relationship abuse)

  • Can be emotional, financial, sexual or physical
  • Is when someone feels scared of their partner or controlled by them
  • Can take place online, on your phone or in person
  • Can happen even after a relationship has ended
  • Can happen in any relationship, regardless of your age.

Types of Unhealthy & Abusive Behaviour’

  • Physical – Hitting, pushing, pinching, slapping
  • Feeling scared, intimidated or nervous of your partner
  • Threats to hurt you or themselves if you don’t do what they want
  • Putting you down & making you feel bad about yourself
  • Jealous when you spend time with other people
  • Telling you what to do, what to wear or where you can go
  • Checking up on you, wanting to know where you are
  • Sending lots of constant & unwanted messages
  • Checking your phone & social media

Worried about your behaviour?

We offer support to change your behaviour and enjoy positive relationships with your partner and your family.

We will help :

  • Explore healthy relationships
  • Develop healthier communication skills
  • Identify warning signals
  • Manage your emotions & behaviour

If you recognise any of these behaviours you or someone you know could be in an unhealthy or abusive relationship. It is never OK, and if it is happening to you it is not your fault.

If you are experiencing domestic abuse at home, abuse in your own relationship, or have done in the past is it important you speak to an adult that you trust. This might be a parent or carer, teacher, youth worker or your doctor. They can help you get support and advice.

How STREET can help

If you’re currently experiencing domestic abuse at home, in your relationship or are harming someone close to you, a YPVA can support you to keep yourself and others safe. They can meet with you in a place you feel comfortable to provide emotional and practical support, such as safety planning & understanding unhealthy relationships.

STREET runs group programmes online and in person across Gloucestershire. Our specialist Domestic Abuse Practitioners provide safe, non-judgemental spaces for people affected by domestic & teenage relationship abuse. Groups can be fun, interactive and a great place to meet people who have had similar experiences.

The Recovery Toolkit – An 8 week group that can help you understand your experiences and how to move on positively with your life. Activities include coping strategies, self-esteem & understanding healthy relationships.

uMatter – if you are worried about your behaviour towards a parent, sibling or partner then uMatter can help you to manage angry feelings through healthy coping strategies and understand what’s healthy and unhealthy behaviour in a relationship.

If being part of a group doesn’t work for you then all our programmes can be delivered with you 121 in school, college or online.

How to Get Help

If you, your parent, or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 999. If you can’t speak press 55 and they will know it’s an emergency.

If would like help from STREET you can speak to an adult you trust to  help you complete a referral form


Get in touch with us yourself by calling 01452 228 802. We are open Monday – Friday between 9-5pm. If we can’t answer straight away leave us a message and we will call you back.

Worried about a friend?

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